Saturday, July 9, 2011

4th of July

This fourth of July felt like a very busy, long day but was a lot of fun! We started the morning out by waking up early and walking down to the parade. We left at 815 and the parade was not until 10(we wanted to have a good spot) and even then there were hardly any open spots. We had to let Cayden pretty much run around everywhere to get some energy out before the parade started.Aubrey making him laugh..
Getting ready!!I was excited this year because Cayden wasnt two months old like last year which meant I could have an excuse to run out into the street like a kid and get candy =)..I did share some with the boys..the main candy they were throwing was taffy which I have been wanting for forever so I was really excited and Cayden got to try it for the first time and really liked it.
Cayden started falling asleep while Mike was holding him so we walked home before the parade ended and let him take a nap while we got ready for the firework show in Idaho Falls! I was really looking forward to this show mainly because it is the second best firework show in the nation! Our friends were kind enough to let us join in with them and their family who had already gotten a spot earlier that morning. The spot where they lit the fireworks was only a minute or two walking distance from where we were sitting.
we arrived around 6 and the parade didnt begin until 10.. we ate delicious carne asada tacos and everything they did was homemade which made it even better!
Gotta love Idaho and the never ending wind..

Getting anxious because it was almost time for the show! Can you see how red Mike's eyes were? We all three suffer from pretty bad allergies in Idaho but Mike has it the worst, poor guy was miserable because the wind had picked up..
Finally!! Cayden was definately a little nervous at first and was a little shaky, and it was pretty loud since we were soo close. Mommy and Cayden enjoying the fireworks..
Daddy and Cayden..
The firework show was was like a finale the whole half hour and they did some things that I had never seen before..Mike said it was the best Firework show he had seen which made me happy because he didnt want to go knowing what it would be like trying to get home.
Poor Cayden's allergies started getting bad not to mention how exhausted he was, he is used to going to bed at 830 and by then it was 1030..I kid you not, he started to fall asleep during the firework show..I didnt think that would be possible.
Well I am really glad we were able to experience this since this was our only chance. We got to our car which was in a parking lot at 11. We noticed everyone trying to leave which was about 4 cars were sitting there for a while so we didnt even turn the car on..we sat in the car for 45 mins and by then about 2 cars had been able to get out when finally the cars on the main road started to move so we hopped in line and got out and got on the freeway which we didnt think was so bad until about 10 mins on the freeway we were in horrbile traffic. We didnt get home until 245 that morning!! Idaho Falls is only about a 25 minute drive! We were soo exhausted from such a long day and couldnt wait to climb into bed. It was definately a fourth of July we wont forget!


Jason and Tammy said...

How Fun!! I love Cayden's Smile it is so Big!! Such a cutie!

*Lauren* said...

Way fun!! Yeah, when Bradlie was aobut that age we went down to Provo to watch the fireworks and didn't get home till 2am. It goes with the territory---but it's worth it! :)

pompom said...

You have got a nice blog site. Congratulations!