Sunday, July 3, 2011

Splash park x's 2!

We have a great splash park in the park we go to often(we are really lucky to have such a great park walking distance from home). The first time I ever took Cayden I went with a friend and her kids. Cayden was of course a little leary at first and stood there for a couple minutes..He really wanted to touch the water but his feet somehow wouldn't work =)
he finally got comfortable enough to get wet and was attempting to have a drink as well..
Cayden was soaked from head to toe in no time!

So if you saw in the first picture there is a large bucket on the top which pours out a lot of water every minute or so..well Cayden walked over to where all the water goes down and I couldn't get to him in enough time before all the water came crashing down..I will admit it wasn't so much a rush to get him..I really wanted to see how he would react. Of course I felt awful when I saw the huge frown on his face and tears filling up his eyes but he got over it very quick and was back to the baby area..then being the little boy I love he raced on over to the same spot not even five minutes later..this time I had the camera ready. In all fairness I did warn him not to go over there..
So Cayden is that little blue thing right in front of the kid in the red and white striped bathing suit. That time he cried, luckily this experience did not keep him from wanting to play in the water.Cayden not looking so happy after surviving the evil giant bucket..The next time was this past weekend and daddy got to go!
So this time the little fountains turned off while he was playing with one and he went up to the hole in the ground and I new it was only a matter of seconds before the water would come shooting up into his face (we are horrible parents hu?) dad got a pic right after the water came shooting up on him..he was just a little stunned is all..

This picture is too funny..Drying off with mommy!

On the run.. Cayden loves helping us out with pushing the stroller..

What would be going to the park without playing on the swings?
After swing time we walked across the street to a snow shack we love!! It is soo refreshing on a hot summer day ...this is something I am going to miss


*Lauren* said...

Haha! Love it! Such a brave guy!