Sunday, December 30, 2012


This is our cute little man in his Thanksgiving church outfit..
So handsome..
On the Sunday before Thanksgiving we went to my mom's side of the family party and decided to surprise them with some news =)
I kept debating whether I should do it or not and last minute, like an hour before, I tried it out and it was a mess making it. But after a few attempts and very low ink we managed to get something. We are sooo excited to have another baby! More about the pregnancy etc will of course come as soon as I can get this blog caught up!

I decided to try out a new tradition this Thanksgiving and take advantage of this cute 2 years olds imagination. I decided to try out a Thankful tree! We started it on the first of November and did it until the day of Thanksgiving. It was so much fun to do with him every day. My tree was clearly nothing fancy( I did it all by hand) but he loved having it in his room and thank goodness never tried to take it down.
I definitely wanted him to come up with something every day by himself so as you will see some of the things cracked us up.
Here is what Cayden was thankful for this year:
Mommy, Daddy, Jesus( I loved he said that), Sophie(my parents dog), Grammy, Papa, Auntie Julie, Uncle Bri bri, Sadie, books, race cars, Trish(Brian's girlfriend), socks, ambulances, fire trucks, Cayden(yes himself), Mickey, guns, pirates, trucks,police cars, and finally violins.
It was so much fun and will definitely be something we do every year. I can't wait to hear what he will be thankful for next year.
On Thanksgiving we were just at home relaxing. I found a really cute story called the Turkey with the terrible temper so I printed it all up and found a turkey to color and laminate and we had a little FHE with him. Definitely something else we will do with our kids every year.

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Rainy days

We have been loving the rainy days we have been getting this Winter! I found some cute rain boots on clearance this past Summer and hoped I had gotten the right size for when the rain would come, luckily I did and he has been getting some good use out of them!
Ready to go!
Back in the beginning of November was one of the first good rainy days (it always seems to rain the most at night while we are sleeping..what's up with that!?) So we went out and had some fun..

One plus side to my parents not so nice driveway is the awesome puddles it gets when it rains. Cayden had so much fun!

Friday, December 21, 2012

A&D monster!

On November 6th I had put Cayden down for his "nap" which as we know is a very rare occasion. I usually go in there once or twice sometimes to see if I can get him to lay down and take a nap, well on this particular day I guess the mommy instinct came in because I opened his door and bumped into this...
His room was really dark so I couldn't tell at first and then I could see the glowing bright white face in front of me and wondered what in the world it was. Well apparently I left out the A&D somewhere and he decided to use it like makeup. Not only was it on his face but his clothes and sheets. I dislike moments like this because you want to be angry and upset but find it too hilarious not to laugh and whip out the camera.

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Halloween and the day after

Halloween was a very busy but very fun day. We started out our morning with a trip to see Great Grandma and Great Grandpa. They gave him lots of candy and loved seeing him in his costume.
Before we headed to our down town Halloween walk we took Cayden to a real pirate house that is really close to us. Cayden loved seeing all of the pirate statues, he fit right in.
Then we headed downtown for some trick or treating!

Cayden got a ton of candy but the majority of it was suckers! Everyone for some reason thought he needed one, kind of sad for Mike and I but Cayden was super happy about it =)
When we got home we decided to give the pumpkins one more shot. Cayden and I mainly goofed off and supervised while Mike did the carving..
And here they are! Definitely not the best but they turned out OK..
We thought for sure Cayden was going to nap with all the walking and excitement but being our son, he for some reason still had too much energy(darn those suckers) and did not nap! So trick or treating that night was not long lived. We did a few houses around our block and called it a night.

For a few months I have been teaching a mommy and me fitness class which has been soo much fun! We have such a great group of moms and kids. The day after Halloween we had a fun little workout where we dressed up the kids. We all brought healthier stuff and let them do some more trick or treating. We are sadly missing two kids from the group..

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Our first pumpkin carving attempt

I am usually very excited about pumpkin carving. We have the stencils ready to go weeks before, well this year was not the case. Our lives have been busy and pumpkin carving was pretty much the last thing on our mind. We luckily bought pumpkins but that was about it. We had no idea what to carve but since Cayden was a Pirate we decided to go with a Pirate theme. A few days before Halloween we went to work!
Cayden has never been able to be involved in the whole process so I was excited to see how he would react to it all..

And that is about how far we got =) the pumpkins were cleaned out..our second attempt to come

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Trunk or Treat!

Our little Cayden decided to be a Pirate this year. Our first Halloween event was our church's Trunk or Treat!

I helped Cayden play a game for the Primary kids, Cayden sadly never won but he really enjoyed it..
Cayden won a costume award, titled most honorable mention!
Time for some candy!! Cayden was over the hat by then so Daddy decided to keep an eye on it =)

We, I mean Cayden, got lots of Candy and had a great night.

Monday, December 10, 2012

Irvine pumpkin patch!

We got to have a best friend trip to the Irvine pumpkin patch with Tammy and Russell the Friday before Halloween. We had such a great time and Russell and Cayden always have a great time together.
Cayden was very excited about the train ride..

Looking for some good pumpkins..

Ready for the Hay Maze!
Having lots of fun..
They LOVED watching the boys drive the mini tractors. Cayden wanted to drive one soo bad and unfortunately was not old enough..
Cayden was obsessed with the Haunted house..him and I went through it at least 7 times.

Monday, December 3, 2012

Cal Poly Pumpkin Patch

This year for Halloween we checked out the Cal Poly Pumpkin Patch. I am pretty sure I said last year that I never wanted to go again, it was extremely hot and very very crowded so I have no idea what made me want to go. Maybe it was the cooler weather but it was still crowded. I guess all that matters is that Cayden had a fun time which he did =)

Cayden saw this stack of hay and went right to climbing..
He loved being at the top, definitely doesn't have a fear of heights like his mommy..

Cayden pulled off the stem of the pumpkin..
The good old arm raise and say cheese came back for a visit =)
A couple days later Cayden did his own Halloween craft! We let him do most of it as you can see but some of it he wanted me to do. He loved his little bat which hung in his room..