Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Halloween and the day after

Halloween was a very busy but very fun day. We started out our morning with a trip to see Great Grandma and Great Grandpa. They gave him lots of candy and loved seeing him in his costume.
Before we headed to our down town Halloween walk we took Cayden to a real pirate house that is really close to us. Cayden loved seeing all of the pirate statues, he fit right in.
Then we headed downtown for some trick or treating!

Cayden got a ton of candy but the majority of it was suckers! Everyone for some reason thought he needed one, kind of sad for Mike and I but Cayden was super happy about it =)
When we got home we decided to give the pumpkins one more shot. Cayden and I mainly goofed off and supervised while Mike did the carving..
And here they are! Definitely not the best but they turned out OK..
We thought for sure Cayden was going to nap with all the walking and excitement but being our son, he for some reason still had too much energy(darn those suckers) and did not nap! So trick or treating that night was not long lived. We did a few houses around our block and called it a night.

For a few months I have been teaching a mommy and me fitness class which has been soo much fun! We have such a great group of moms and kids. The day after Halloween we had a fun little workout where we dressed up the kids. We all brought healthier stuff and let them do some more trick or treating. We are sadly missing two kids from the group..


Janelle said...

I love seeing pics of Nana and Grandpa. Please tell them I miss them!