Friday, July 8, 2011


I can't believe that in 2 short weeks my hubby who has worked soo hard the past year and a half will be graduating!! We have been packing, and packing and doing more packing the past couple of weeks, not so fun when you have no air conditioning and it's in the 90s but we are soo excited to be back with family and friends in California =) Just feels like yesterday we were moving here in the un snow plowed roads New years weekend and I was pregnant with this cute little guy..time is flying way too fast!


*Lauren* said...

LUCKY!!! Tell Mikey congrats! I'm waaaay jealous! Eat up that beautiful sunshine and go to the beach tons for me!

Jason and Tammy said...

I'm Sooo excited for you guys to move back here!! It will be so much fun to set up play dates with Cayden and Russell!!

K♥C said...

=)YEAH!!! the weather is great right now so have your sandles ready! Then pic a date so you, me and Erin can go to lunch!!