Wednesday, July 25, 2012

The fourth!

The Nursery kids were included in the parade for our ward fourth of July breakfast we have every year. Typically you decorate a bike or razor, since Cayden doesn't have a bike yet, I decided to decorate his rocket!

I thought it turned out really cute =)

Cayden hanging out..I thought his hand his pocket was really cute

Gotta love Grammy's shirt!

It was finally time and Cayden was very excited!

Everyone got a kick out of his rocket. He is too big for it now so it was pretty funny watching him go around the parking lot but once he found this hill that's where he wanted to stay..

He was getting some good speed!

Mike couldn't wait to do fire works at night (he was really excited) so we did a few after the Breakfast..

We were anxious to see how Cayden would be and unfortunately it is illegal where we live to have them so the only things we bought were poppers, sparklers, and smoke bombs..but as you can see he was loving it..

We attempted to get him to nap which he wouldn't do so a few hours later we were back for more fireworks!

He is such a goof!

I drew out a hop scotch which Cayden loved to do, we would ask him to pick out the numbers we had to skip which made it pretty interesting..

We would go out front periodically because there were a lot of fireworks in the sky which were of course fun to see..

When it finally got dark we did the rest of the sparklers..I never realized if you draw something in the air and take a picture it will show what you were drawing, so we had some fun with that!
Caydens scribbles..
He did a circle..

Mommy did a heart..

And a cloud!
We had a great Fourth of July!


*Lauren* said...

how on earth do you do that with your camera? Way cool :)