Monday, July 2, 2012

ok ok, the last time!

So for our last trip to Disneyland before Mike started back at work we headed to Disneyland..It was very very crowded that day sadly but we wanted to stay as long as we could..
We started off at Alice in Wonderland..
The lines were pretty bad but were able to go on Snow white and Pinochio, then we decided to get a little snack..
Luckily Small world was short so we went on that..

Before we left I decided we should get Cayden a little gift. Cayden got a Mickey the first time he went when he was a year and has loved it ever since, it was the first stuffed animal he slept with. He now has 3 little friends in bed and thought why not one more? He loves Donald and Goofy so it was a toss up at the store but he ended up with Donald =)

It was soo cute, on the tram ride back to the car Cayden sat him next to him and held his hand..
He wanted Mommy to grab the other hand..

Even if it is hot or really crowded we always have a great time at Disneyland =)