Monday, April 20, 2015

Lake house!

On 8/16 we had the opportunity to go to a lake house in Canyon lakes. We had such a fun weekend with our good friends!! The first day we got there we went out on the boat, something Cayden was very excited about.

The water was soo warm and nice!

We all had fun jumping off the boat into the water..

Best friends...

The next day we hung out at the house and had some more fun..

Love the girl's crazy hair they were sporting..

While the girls napped the boys went in the little pool to have some fun..

Then the dad's took them out on the kayaks!

We had such a great weekend!


K♥C said...

I like the area down there too :) glad the water was warm enough for a swim
I love how you guys always match in your family pictures .. did you notice? too cute! :)