Thursday, April 9, 2015

First camping trip!

For Mikes Birthday we decided to camping at Carpinteria! I was a little nervous not knowing how the kids would do but luckily we just stayed one night....just in case!

A must whenever we go to Carpinteria is the candy shop!

When it was time to check in Daddy, with a little helper, set up the tent. Mikes parents were nice enough to let us borrow theirs.

Cayden was so excited about this trip!

And so was Ellie

After setting things up we headed to the beach!

The weather was perfect and we were all having a lot of fun..

That night we walked into town to get Dinner..

We made sure to make it back to the beach in enough time to watch the sun set..

The next morning we ate breakfast and Cayden played for a little bit on the campground..

We love the beach!!

Cayden and Mike were able to get pretty close to dolphins while they were in the water, I even captured one jumping out.

Cayden and I built a sand castle

Ellie was loving the beach soo much

We saw a few crabs too..

When it was time for Ellie's nap we decided to go on a nice long walk, so of course we went to go see Jasmine and Aladdins castle..a place growing up we used to go to when the tide was low enough..

You literraly have to cross quick sand to get there, it is not easy to walk through and a little deep, Cayden loved it

We were sad to leave but not sad to go home and take a nice long shower =)


K♥C said...

that is so cool the dolphins were so close :) we love dolphins too! so glad the kiddos had a good time.. next time hopefully you can stay longer :)