Saturday, April 23, 2011

Don Jose's!

Don Jose's is one of our favorite restaurants and we always make it a point to eat there when we are on Wednesday we went!
Cayden loves straws!!

The group! Everyone on my side was there and Mike's parents came =)

I love that Cayden is smiling too..

I don't know if I was more excited about the food or the fact that I was going to have them sing to Cayden for his Birthday! If you haven't been...they stick a sombrero on your head and sing kind of loud and I was anxious to see how Cayden would handle it all...

He was very confused and unsure looking but didn't cry or anything which was good and everyone at the the people all around us got a kick out of it!

I personally do not like flan at fact it makes me sick thinking about it. Mike loves it and this is the only time he gets to have it so he was excited and Cayden actually seemed to really like it...even though we have not found one thing Cayden doesn't like =)

Grandma took him out to the dance floor and he found two girls to flirt..I mean play with..

Walking around with Grandpa

After dinner, Cayden got an early Birthday present from Grandma and Grandpa and he LOVES it!! There are two buttons on the steering wheel and one makes noises and the other makes the car go which is his favorite button and we only had to show him that button once before he knew what it did....we were laughing soo hard watching him...

I think driving comes natural for this little guy =)

It was a very dilicious and fun night!


Brian and Ally said...

LOL! That was so fun! We miss you guys so much! AAAH! I love those pics of Cayden at Don Jose's who was the photographer lol jk Love you guys!