Monday, February 11, 2013

Finishing up the 25 days!

Well for starters, I cant believe I am STILL posting about Christmas with Valentines just a few days away and I am still not done, but better late than never =)
Day 12: We took Cayden to Bass Pro shop for a free photo with Santa. Cayden fell asleep on the drive over and stayed asleep while I held him in line. It was nice that he was able to get a little nap but was a little out of it. The picture makes me laugh because I see the confusion all over his face.

Mike of course took him to the shooting area which Cayden loved..

And we were able to quickly get on the carousel before we went home!

And on the way out, Cayden was looking a potential Christmas presents..

Day 13: We made hot chocolate and had a fire
Day 14: Did a Christmas craft...Cayden did a great job at his gingerbread man, I love letting him use his creativity..

Day 15: We went to the L.A. temple to see the lights! It was freezing that night and rainy and Cayden fell asleep on the way down (I wish he would just nap!) So Mike held him for a while and once he woke up he had a blast walking around the grounds looking at all of the lights..

Day 16: Mike was working so my mom and I took a chance and took Cayden to our church Christmas concert they have every year. With how much Cayden loves music I was crossing my fingers he would be good. And he did not disappoint, he was good through the entire concert. After it was over these two little old ladies in front of us were shocked to find out there was a two year old behind them, it was a good night.
Day 17: There is a house up the street from us that has a ton of lights that go to  music and we knew Cayden would love it this year which he did.
Day 18: Watched the Charlie Brown Christmas movie. Cayden got a little Charlie Brown from his Nana last year and always liked him but had never seen a movie before so I was excited to see how he would like it. He loved watching it, and on a side note for me, he was giving me little kisses and hugs the entire movie which I know is not long but I loved every second.
Day 19: The moms that I teach workout with get together on Wednesdays as well for a music group and this time it was all Christmas themed, it was a lot of fun.
Day 20: We did another Christmas craft, this time Cayden did NOT want to show his face for the camera =)

 Unfortunately things got a little crazy from then on and I was bad about making cards for the rest of the time. We had such a blast doing something fun each day and I know Cayden really enjoyed this new tradition..

 Here was how I did the 25 days. Each day there was a little flash card in the envelope on whatever day we were on that stated what we would do that day..nothing fancy but Cayden loved having that in his room..


*Lauren* said...

Super cute and fun idea you Martha Stewart!!! You're more than welcome to make me one next year....Bradlie will thank you :)Or teach me please!!