Monday, January 28, 2013

12 weeks!

I could not wait to hit the 12 week mark and boy did it take forever! I seriously thought it was never going to come. This pregnancy has been completely opposite from my first. I started getting nausea at about 9 weeks and it was an all day thing, I did not want to eat anything, nothing sounded good. I remember when I was pregnant with Cayden I didn't feel well all day and had about one day of extreme nausea, this time, it was extreme nausea for a few weeks. Luckily after that it turned into a night nausea after dinner which was still not fun at all but at least it wasn't all day anymore =).  One odd thing was diet soda made me so sick, which if anyone knows me, knows that I love diet soda! Meat really bothered me when I was pregnant with Cayden and this time I had no problem being around it. I was told by my doctor to not run or anything extreme because of what happened with Cayden, so they will be keeping a close eye on this one as I get further along. I was showing super quick, I was wanting maternity pants by 6, 7 weeks and was even being asked if I was pregnant, and family members(people were too afraid to ask me) even before I hit the 12 week mark. When I first found out I was pregnant I was scheduled for a 7 week ultra sound which i thought was odd but was not going to complain =) The doctor was having a really hard time finding the baby which of course was nerve racking for Mike and I and luckily he did. It was very hard to see for measuring reasons so they scheduled me again at week 8 where we were able to see it much better. At my 12 week we were able to hear the heartbeat which was so fun. The rate was 143. I know I know this is nothing to go by, but by the way this pregnancy has gone since the last and the heart rate, we are rooting for a girl =) 
12 weeks on December 10th!

As you can see there is really not much to see here at 7 weeks..
Here is the little one at 8 weeks!


Paragon of Epic said...

Awww :) Good luck! I'm sure you're gonna make an awesome mum!

(New review- just up!)

*Lauren* said...

Look at your cute little belly! Love love it! I'm rooting for a girl for you too :) Hope everything from here on out goes smoothly. Keep posting updates...