Friday, January 18, 2013

Elf on the Shelf!

This year I was brave and decided to try Elf on the Shelf. I really didn't know much about it but saw him popping up everywhere on Pinterest and thought it was a cute thing to do. I in no way went to some extremes like some and didn't do anything extravagant every night, in fact some nights I even forgot but that is the great thing about having a 2 year old =) Hopefully next year I will be a little better, and by then Cayden will probably be more into it as well. I decided to start on December 1st, we had a surprise package at the door the day before from Santa himself!

I love Caydens expression, you can already see the confusion. We tried to have Cayden come up with a name but he wanted to call him was Elf, so that was it..

On the first night Elf put streamers all over his door way..and thank goodness for the streamers, Cayden decided to take off his PJ's before coming out that morning =)
This is where Elf was hiding with the evidence..
On Sundays I would try and do things more church like so one Sunday he was reading the scriptures..
Going on a Harley ride..
Taking a marshmallow bath..
Toilet papering the Christmas tree..
Made a special yummy breakfast for Cayden..

Made snow flakes and left a mess on the table..side note, Mike and I, well Mike, I was not good at it, made these sitting by the fire talking and enjoying the Christmas season, it was nice..
Missing the North Pole..
Drinking one of his favorite things, syrup!
Had a little Elf poop and attempting to flush the toilet..
Cayen didn't jump out of bed wondering where Elf was every morning and I am not sure that he fully grasped the fact he reported to Santa every night but he still got a kick out of everything he did and it made for some memories and fun!