Friday, January 25, 2013

25 days continued..

Day 6: We went to see the Christmas lights on Sapphire in Rancho. It seems to be a tradition to go now and like usual we were able to see some really fun crazy decorations..Cayden went through a phase of being obsessed with Nightmare before Christmas, like watch the movie every day so he was excited to see Jack..

There was this miniature trash truck, something else Cayden loves so he was excited to see it, it was actually really cute..

Excited to say hi to Mickey and Minnie..
Kissing Santa..

Day 7: watch Polar Express. This became another movie obsession even before this day because Daddy snuck it in sometime in November. I hid it for a week or so, so when this day would come he would be excited to see it. He still wants to watch it..
Day 8: Went to the downtown Christmas parade and later that night was our ward Christmas Dinner where he was able to sit on Santa's lap..

Cayden did great during the parade and loved it. There was always something going by he was interested in. His favorites of course were the fire trucks, police cars, and motor cycles...

Day 9: Read The Small One