Monday, March 21, 2011

My Birthday

It's pretty sad when you have to ask your husband the day before your birthday how old you are turning. And when I do remember or am told it seems like every year I am more and more surprised by the number! I still can't believe I am 24. Not to mention I hadnt realized that this particular birthday was special until my dad mentioned it was my first one as a mommy...

I had tried sushi for the first time a couple months ago and loved it and ever since have been craving for more so that is what we decided to do since we had a reason to celebrate! It was a restaraunt in Idaho Falls and was decorated really fun...we got to sit next to a really cool little waterfall that had a bunch of fish in it.
Cayden always likes to help us pick out what to eat.. This was the weekend Cayden had the flu so he wasnt his usual self but at least was still able to give us a smile..

The food was delicious! We ordered 3 different types of shushi and ordered a hibachi stake which came with miso soup(spelling?) I had never tried it and it was ok...and fried rice which was really good! The only sushi I didnt like was the was ok just not a whole lot of flavor..the chef even apologized that the tuna wasnt centered when he gave it to us which I thought was funny.
I must say I also became a pro at chopsticks and used them my entire meal =)

Mike managed to ask them to bring me some ice cream without my knowledge so it was a nice little surprise! Cayden loved going to the pond with the fish..he couldnt see soo well so he tried to get on his tippy toes..I thought it was cute!

On my actual Birthday it was rainy all day..most people would not be happy about that but for those that know me know how much I love the I was happy! I was also craving a little burger place we love and eat at quite often so we went there and as always it was delicious! It will probably be the only place we will miss eating at here when we move...
After dinner we rented a movie and ate cake! Now the movie didnt end until just before 10, which is when Cayden goes to bed, so I only had a few minutes to frost and decorate it..I have only practiced with the frosting bags and tips so I dont think it was a very good decorating job but not bad for only having a very short amount of time and it being my first time and all =)

According to the candles on the cake I was only turning 11!

And Mike put in the card he gave me a coupon for a sewing machine!! He wants me to pick it out and I have been debating over a couple so hopefully that will be ordered soon..and I am sooo excited about it!!!


K♥C said...

sounds like you had a blast for your bday! that is nice Mike got you a sewing machine.. youre so creative I cant wait to see what you will make :) I see a new Cayden wardrobe possibly.. LOL

Heather said...

Happy Birthday!Isn't sushi great?! I even got tammy to try some...just nothing raw for her right now. And Grady loves it too! His favorite are the edamame beans....

Try the Hamachi Crunch roll. It's young yellowtail tuna roll with some a tiny bit of tempora crunch sprinkled on the outside and is awesome tasting!

Sad to hear Cayden has been sick, but glad to hear he is finally getting better!

*Lauren* said...

Good job on the cake!! Only 11 candles? It looks VERY lit up! Can't imagine if I put all my 29 on it---fire hazzard! For all the yummy food you eat, you're still skinny and looking great! Jealous! Next year Cayden can sing happy birthday to you :)