Monday, December 13, 2010

Is that what I think it is?

On Monday the 6th our little guy was being soooo needy! He would not let me put him down which resulted in me hardly being able to get anything done! I was soo frustrated until I noticed something white in his mouth!! FINALLY he got his first tooth!!! After soo many months of chewing and drooling my cute little Cayden has something to show for it! I was sooo excited and then realized that he just needed lots of love that day...this picture was taken today which has been another lovely day of mommy and daddy cant put me anywhere without me screaming and sure enough the tooth right next to it is coming through..I am wondering if the teeth breaking through the gum is the worst part? Well all I have to say is thank goodness for teething tablets!! =)
It's still comming through so not too easy to see but no more toothless smiles!!


Jason and Tammy said...

Such a cute Picture! I love his smile!

J + A said...

Yay Cayden! Although, I will miss your toothless smile :)

*Lauren* said...

Oh how cute! Congrats! Yes, just so you know, they come in in pairs. Usually within a week of each other....and yes, lots of love is required! Pray they ALL decide to come in together because one by one two weeks apart suuuuucks! He's gonna have the cutest pearly white smiles ever!