Wednesday, December 1, 2010


Well Thanksgiving came and went way too fast..actually the whole month of November did! I do have to say I am kind of glad it's over...Thanksgiving is definately prob my least favorite holiday as far as the food especially when you celebrate it 3 times but I love being with family and am so thankful we were able to be down to spend this time of year with all of them =)

The week before Thanksgiving we went to my mom's side of the family
(gotta love the drool all over his clothes) Having way too much fun walking with my Uncle..

On Thanksgiving morning we drove to the mountains for my Dad's side of the family and had Thanksgiving lunch...this was the first year there was snow all over...

Cayden loved this sheep rug!!

Cayden is what we like to call..a double fister..
All ready for his turkey dinner!! Well he did get small peices of my roll and some cooked carrots
After lunch we headed over to Mike's parents to have Thanksgiving dinner!
I got this outfit below about a month after I found out I was pregnant and couldnt wait to put it on my boy/girl....cant believe how time has flown!

I am trying to capture the love Madison (his cousin) has for him...she always has soo much fun with him and I am thinking in a couple years that might all change lol..
Well 3 dinners later and I dont even want to know how many calories I's all over but was lots of fun like always =)


Jason and Tammy said...

The first photo of Cayden is soo cute! He has such a huge smile! and I love the First Thanksgiving Outfit, The Turkey beanie is awesome!!

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