Monday, November 22, 2010

7 months!

7 months!? I feel like he just turned 6 months..and I know I say this every time but it's like each month goes by faster and faster! Cayden turned 7 months last Monday and not too much has changed, we weighed him and he was 17.6! He is still not crawling! At first I thought..oh he will be crawling for sure by Halloween, well that is long gone and now I have thought..well, maybe by Thanksgiving? He definately knows how to manuvor all over the room by rolling and scooting so we will see. Cayden also STILL has no teeth! He has been teething since 4 months so who knows when his first tooth will come..I used to think he would have one by 4 months but again...I was wrong. I see a trend going on here that he is just too unpredictable. He is starting to learn the system throwing a fit when mom or dad walk away...gets mad when I take something out of his hand that shouldn't be but all in all he is still such a happy sweet baby! Well a post just wouldn't be complete without a ton of pictures so here are some I took the day he turned 7 months =)


Ashley K said...

What a handsome little man. I can't believe how big he is. I was the same way with Oliver crawling and teething. You just never know. But he might be one of those babies that totally skips crawling and goes right to walking early.