Sunday, November 14, 2010


With Thanksgiving right around the corner, I am finally getting to Halloween =)... This by far is my favortie time of the year, and I know I have said it plenty of times but not only is it my favorite season but some of the best holidays! Mike and I celebrated our 7 year "dating" anniversary on November 11th and I remember how excited I was to have a boyfriend during the holidays..there is just something about it that makes it more special and then when we got married and it seemed even better...but nothing tops having a kid during the holidays..even if he has no idea what is going on. I have been enjoying every minute of the holiday movies treats books and music and I know as the years go on the more fun it will be!
Cayden loved reading the halloween books

We had to go visit the great grandparents to show them our little dinasour!

The night before Halloween we went to the trunk or treat for our ward and it was alot of fun! We got alot of candy and enjoyed yummy food..

Cayden enjoying the candy he got that night.. and yes the wrapper is still on it =)

On sunday we went to Mike's parents and I brought over cupcakes and attempted to make them look like a pumpkin...we go over every halloween and enjoy as a tradition navaho tacos...I look forward to eating them every year because they are sooo good!!!

We put Cayden in his costume and he knocked right out but I enjoyed cuddling him =)

of course we had to get a pic of the cousins


Jason and Tammy said...

His costume is so cute!