Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Sapphire Rd.

We had soo much fun this past weekend! We went out with my parents my sister and her husband to go see the Christmas lights on Sapphire road. Before we went we ate at n-n-out and then went to get some hot chocolate which was perfect since it was pretty cold outside..
Cayden and I at n-n-out...a place I am going to miss
This year was our first year going and we decided it should be a tradition to go every year..almost every house has lots of christmas lights and a ton..I mean a ton of people come to walk the streets or stay in there car...alot of the neighbors make a business out of it and sell stuff out on their driveways..I guess it will pay for maybe a portion of what their electric bill will be =)
This house was themed was really cute all of the things they thought to do..

I thought these signs were funny..
It was really like a winter wonderland!


Jason and Tammy said...

Those homes look so awesome! What a fun night!

Jason and Tammy said...
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kristina and ryan said...

love that place!!!

Heather said...

I've never heard of this place. It looks awesome. I was planning on taking Grady to Hastings Ranch, but this looks like a lot more fun! I'll have to look it up!