Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Mesa Falls

On Saturday we went to Mesa Falls with our friends Jeff, Laura, and their cute son Tanner. I was soo glad that we went!! It was by far the prettiest place we have been to in Idaho and we had a really great time!
On the way up there is a little lake that has a bunch of rainbow trout in it. You can feed them and they make it pretty fun to watch. They all fight for the food and are pretty quick, luckily we borrowed some of Cayden's cheerios and goldfish..The drive was soo beautiful...a very nice change from flat farm land =)
Our first stop was lower Mesa Falls which doesn't have a great view of the waterfall but a beautiful view of the thousands of trees..
Let's just say I was holding my breath while they were up there..

Then we drove up to upper meas falls and that is where the view got even better..
I couldn't get over how beautiful everything was..

Even Cayden was amazed..

There is a cute cabin that was built in the early 1900s that had a bunch of animals in it..
This just shows how much Cayden loves animals..shouldn't he be afraid??

There was a room that had a bunch of skinned animals which sounds awful but it was really interesting to feel the furs of all the different types of animals..

What big teeth you have!

Apparently Cayden had some phone calls to make once we got back into the car.. There was a view point we wanted to check out on the way home and it didn't disappoint..
Hmm wonder what these guys are up to? (don't worry they are not doing what you think they are doing)


K♥C said...

how beautiful!!! I bet it was nice to get away for a bit :) Love the pics Cayden is getting so big! I cant wait til you guys are back down here :) glad you had fun!

Julie said...

Yay for a new post!!!! We've been waiting patiently. :) We've missed "seeing" our favorite little guy. He already looks so different even just from not seeing him for a month! We miss you guys so much and can't wait to see you next month. We'd love to skype some time soon too! Love you!!!

*Lauren* said...

Yay! New post, you're outside, the sun is shining... Hey, we'll be in CA on the 21st of this month only for a few days. If by chance you're in CA then, come hit up the beach and pool with us. I know it's a small chance but thought we'd invite ya :) I better tell Jules too! (Oops!)