Thursday, June 16, 2011

The zoo!

Last weekend the weather was really nice so we decided to finally check out the zoo! The zoo is not very big but had a lot more animals in it than I thought it would..
I felt like I was back home next to the peacocks, but i have never been that close to them before..

Cayden and I went into the petting area where there were a bunch of goats...

They had a few baby animals which I loved like this snow leopard..
I can't remember the last time I have been this close to a tiger and lion but it has been a long was really cool and they were pretty big!

We of course got all excited once we saw the giant tortoises..

These monkeys were soo crazy looking..they looked a lot like skunks..
There were more monkeys inside and these ones were our favorite..they were swinging everywhere and it was soo amazing to see how fast they could go and all of their little tricks they would they would make their monkey noises which I thought was fake at first until I saw their mouths moving to it..

After the zoo we went to the park and had lunch it was a really fun day =)


Aubrie Knight said...

cute cute cute pictures...and super cute shirt! glad you had fun!