Saturday, June 25, 2011

Father's Day

Father's Day turned out to be pretty fun. I know Mike is not with Cayden in the first couple pics but I can't get enough of this little cutie in his suits for church..

He loves his daddy soo much..
After church and Caydens nap Dad got his gift!I surprised him by finally getting his watch fixed..he has been wanting to wear it for quite some time now..
I also got him a movie and I blew up a picture of a picture Mike liked of him racing at the drag strip and framed it. He also got the glass bottle root beer which he loves and I never buy and attached individual packs of nuts to it and made little notes that said we are nuts about you pops! I think he really enjoyed everything =) We had a great dinner of ribs, fried potatoes, veggies which were very delicious. Mike was craving chocolate cheesecake so that is what we had for dessert which I have never made and it turned out very yummy!


Little Farmer Family said... are a genius!!! Or you know your websites of ideas :) So cute!!!!

Brian and Ally said...

Dude that suit if freaking adorable!!!!! OMG!!! He looks like a little man!! How cute those cakies are!!