Thursday, September 23, 2010


I cant believe another Carpinteria trip has come and gone...this one was the shortest trip we have done. It is really hard to think that just last year I was pregnant with our little Cayden and had no idea! Time flys way too fast! It was just Mike Cayden my mom and I but we still had a blast!
Cayden was anxious to get there...

I am sad we never got a group picture =(

I love my little man
You can clearly see how lovely the weather was...NOT!! It wasnt so bad but the only brave one to get into the water was of course Mike..
Cayden just chilin'

Taking a nap

I buried Mike =)

Grammie B Making him laugh

This place is a must everytime we go =)

He loves his mommy
We were playing uno and our little chunkster tried to eat the cards instead of play

Can't wait till next year!


Jason and Tammy said...

I Love the photo of Cayden in the car seat but my Favorite one is with him looking up at you smiling and you looking at the camera! Its soo cute!

Heather said...

Wow look at all the hair he is growing! He is so cute!! I agree with tammy, my favorite photo is him looking up at you and smiling! Such precious moments!

shira said...

this little guy is so adorable! can his smile be any cuter!? what a cutie!