Monday, February 21, 2011

A what?

Mike and I realized we were way over due to get out and have a fun date night! The school has a little bowling alley that we have been wanting to go to so on Saturday night we headed over there. It was super cheap too which was definately a plus! Cayden only lasted about 5 mins in the stroller..

Right down the middle!

Cayden was very reserved most of the time...I think he was confused at what we were doing as well
The biggest smile we got out of him the whole night...

Cayden was rubbing my ball good luck...or so I thought...the only time I got a gutter ball both rolls..
Cayden really liked the fan
There was a group of guys next to us and Cayden even rubbed on of their bowling balls and he got a gutter ball too!hmmm

Mike of course won all 3 games we played but it was still really fun and we definately be making a trip back!!


*Lauren* said...

I heart bowling! You're lucky it's cheap too! It's funny how both our boys were so not themselves. Maybe it's the noise and completely different atmosphere.