Sunday, February 20, 2011

10 months!

Cayden turned 10 months this past Tuesday...he is getting soo good on his feet! Cayden now will just stand by himself instead of us putting him on his feet..alot of times when we go to set him down he doesnt want to sit...he wants to stand. He took his first steps on the 15th(the day he tunred 10 months)!! Mike was behind him holding his hands and when Cayden would walk Mike would let go and he would go a couple steps and fall. He has gotten alot more brave, when he is going from couch to couch he would normally hold on and now he can take a step by himself to get to the next one! I have never been used to Cayden wanting to eat all the time, before we moved back to Idaho, we had the hardest time getting him to eat. Ever since we came back so when Cayden was about 8 1/2 months he has been a bottomless pit! He drinks 5 bottles a day and has 3 meals plus the food we will give him. Whenever he sees Mike and I eating anything he comes over and begs like a dog..its halarious. Of course we will give him some if it is something he can eat. Some things he loves are turkey and grilled cheese sandwiches, string cheese, ritz crakcers, and his favorite is apples dipped in yogart. The other day he tried a pickle, I didnt think he would like it but he wanted more! The only thing he has ever acted weird about was mashed potatoes and gravy..but he still ate it... we love our little porker!

On the 5th of February I had to take him in because his poor face was breaking out in a really bad rash(thanks to lovely Idaho) and he weighed 20.6! We then decided it was time to get a new carseat since ours only goes to 22. He has seemed to enjoy it, I think at first he was a little confused but now he can look out the window which I think he likes. Dada is now something he says all of the time, and the latest word is bye bye, it's really cute when he waves and says it. I'm still waiting for mama =)

It's really amazing to see them grow at this age. I love watching him start to figure things out and learn how his toys work. He now loves to push the buttons on the tv, especailly the one to open the dvd player and to turn the tv on and off. He has started to dance to music too which is soo adorable.

Time is going by way too quick and in just two short months he will be a whole year old!!!


tammy said...

Cayden is becoming such a big boy! I can not believe that he is almost a year old, Thats Crazy!!

Brian and Ally said...

AWW CAYDEN'S GETTING SO BIG!! 20 LBS! lol We miss you guys and it's not the same at the Sunday dinners without you guys! Can't wait to see you guys soon! You should come earlier than planned! =]
Love the crazy aunt and uncle!

*Lauren* said...

Love his outfit!! It's nice when they do something significant on the day they turn a certain number of months....much easier to remember :)

Andy and Melissa said...

Your sons face can seriously cheer me up any time... he is so stinkin adorable! And I just read what you wrote about choking on the pacifier... so scary, so glad you were inspired to be checking constantly and notice. Stuff like that makes me so nervous!