Friday, February 11, 2011

Scarey moment

Well this big adorable mouth finally got the better of him last night... Last night Cayden was in his crib and was not asleep quite yet, I always leave the door cracked so I can do my usual of checking on him constantly....well I was watching him and he was standing chewing on his he was chewing on it I was realizing how easy it would be for him to stick the whole thing in his my nerves started to grow I notcied the pacifier was no longer in his hand and I then see his face...his mouth was open pretty wide and he was choking!!(crazy how mom can sense things like that) I rushed in and luckily the nipple was facing the opening of his mouth so it was easy to pull out. I was terrified yet sooo extremly greatful I happened to be checking on him at that time. Well that was the end of that..all pacifiers are now gone. I seem to be taking it harder than Cayden. He hardly ever used one as it is..I think its just because now its one less comfort for him now that we no longer rock him to sleep(that was the only time he ever used it)..but today seemed to be just fine for him pacifier free...lets hope it stays that way!!


*Lauren* said...

Glad you caught him! Sheesh! That is one big mouth to do that :) On the other hand, it's good you're getting rid of the pacifiers now. It's so hard to when they're older--and it breaks your heart.

K♥C said...

how scary! I had that same fear and got the bigger one for teething! isnt it crazy how you just sense things like that, good thing for super mom senses!!

Melanie said...

Catherine did the same thing!!! when she was about 7 or 8 months old. It was during the day and she didn't choke but it scared me too, so I took them away, cold turkey and she never had another! She had no trouble... just sucked her thumb instead... bummer. So good to see how you guys are doing!