Friday, July 31, 2009

Mike's birthday continued....

Last Wednesday, Mike's actual birthday, we kept the tradition alive and ate at yummy Don Jose's! It was alot of fun because we had both sides of the family together which is always nice to have. Mike loves his flawn!

After Don Jose's we ran over to Disneyland so Mike could get his giftcard. We tried to go on a few rides but out of both parks we only made it on two! It was really crowded and arriving when the light parade and firework show and fantasmic starts is not the smartest idea but we still had a ton of fun like usual!

On the dreaded walk back to the car we saw that some sweet stranger thought it would be nice to wish Michael a happy birthday!! We got a kick out of seeing that..

Mike felt very honored!
This past Sunday we celebrated his birthday yet again with cake and presents. The sunday after our birthday my mom always likes to make one of our favorite things, well Mike requested that we have burgers....which made a fun little twist for a sunday dinner. I had decided I wanted to make his birthday cake this year so it was carrot, his favorite, and I attempted at decorating it. Writing on a cake is not too easy! But I think it turned out fairly good with it being my first try and all.

Mike had such a fun birthday this year!! Thanks to all those who helped make it a special one!


Heather said...

Looks like fun! Happy Birthday!

J + A said...

Happy Birthday Mike! Katie.. the cake looks really good.

My Life said...

awe mike looks cute with his glasses... i like the cake.. did you make it?

My Life said...

Oh and i love the picture of you guys with the yellow glasses lol its cute