Sunday, April 18, 2010

The story...and watch out its really really long!

Well I am definately going to start out by saying this pregnancy has been a pretty stressfull one for Mike and I the past few weeks. It is no surprise that I had a belly on the small size...well it was always noted at the doctors office but they just kept saying he was going to be a small baby. Well as the pregnancy progressed and they started measuring my belly they started to get a little concerned and decided to start doing in debth ultra sounds twice a week where they would check the umbilical cord flow, my fluid, his movement, heart rate and to make sure he was trying to use his diaphram. We had only been going for a few weeks and they started to think that something might be wrong with the placenta like it was detereorating and that was keeping him from growing. so when I was 35 weeks the doctor said that I would need to be induced at 38 weeks and possibly sooner if things look worse and worse. This really freaked me out...on top of that he said I should be off my feet until the next ultra sound which was just an added bonus to the news. Well I went back to the next one still at 35 weeks and things had improved a little so they said maybe I would not have to be induced but we would have to wait and see (talk about a mind game!) So on my ultra sounds at 36 weeks it was still pretty much the same only it was for sure decided he would be taken out at 38 or 39 weeks and then my ultra sound on monday at 37 weeks happened....The numbers didn't look that good...he hadnt grown and was measuring only around 33 to 35 weeks. The doctor said he was fine and Mike and I were confused since he had lost weight since the last time they measured him the week prior. So we just went on our way really confused and scared for our little guy...I know our doctors (i had three) sound like they didnt know what they were doing but really I dont know if Cayden would be here today if it wernt for them. Well the next ultra sound was Thursday...and on wednesday I get the dreadful phone call....the doctors were in their high risk patients meeting and were looking at me and talked to a speacialist and came to the conclusion they need to take him out. He wanted me to come in right away to see if I was in labor yet and they would schedual the induction for the next day......WHAT!? I was soo scared and confused and excited all at once! So I hurried and got ready and off we went (luckily Mike was home that day) I was dialated to a 2-3 and 80 percent. He came back in and said ok you will be induced at 7:30am tomorrow morning. The rest of the day was spent being extremly stressed and scared....we cleaned our house and ran some errands. Well after the appt I noticed some dried blood everytime I wiped but I figured since it wasnt fresh it was because of him checking me. Well we went over to our friends house that night to play games and eat candy and she did my toes for me all cute! I was pretty uncomfortable and felt crampy mainly in my back. Well we went home that morning at 12:30 and I went to the bathroom... this time it was fresh blood. So we decided to call the doctor and he said to go to the we went and there we stayed. Mike and I sat there in our Labor and Delivery room the whole night (there was no way we could sleep) and at about 8ish they decided to start the pitocin. I was feeling light contractions before but nothing strong at all. Well in a matter of about a half hour the contractions became really really intense and she had only done the second dose. I had been debating about an doctor in the beginning said I was really taking the contractions well considering how strong they were but also said I should get one to decrease needing a c section since they thought my labor was going to be long. Well I decided to hold off until I really felt I needed one and so I let myslef suffer..well the contractions were extremly strong and one would start literaly right after the last one ended...I went from a 4 to 6 in no time and they kept saying how low he was...well I decided I wanted an epideral so he came on in and I was soo excited to get one so I could nurse had decided to turn the pitocin off since clearly it did its job and I got the epideral...well it was too late to really kick in because before we knew it I was at a 10 and I just kept telling them I felt like I needed to push everytime a contraction came....they were all amazed at how quickly it all happened. Well my nurse felt horrible and so did the anestesiologist since the pain hadnt gone away really at all...he even kept adding some in but it was too late. The doctor came in and could not believe poor husband was soo scared the whole time. He heard the doctor say I was loosing alot of blood and how they needed to get him out asap because his heart rate and he wanted the pediatrition, the respiratory doctor, the NICU nurse to get in right away. Mike was soo of the nurses asked if he needed to sit down even. Before I knew it Cayden had come into this world at 10:43... luckily crying cuz that was all I was able to get since I was not able to see him. Mike tried to go over but with him being high risk, Cayden went straight over to his doctors and you could hardly see him. I did have to get an episiotomy and Cayden was suctioned a little because it was an emergency situation...our doctor called it a rough landing lol. Mike was able to see him about an hour after he was born and me..well I didnt get to see him for about 5...that was spend 9 months patiently waiting to see what your little cutie looks like and I had to just sit and wait. His lungs had a little bit of trouble in the begining but they were able to get him breathing on his own which was a miracle. He weighed 4lbs 10oz and was 17 3/4 long. He is considered an IUGR baby which means intrauterine growth restriction. They were never able to find out if it was the placenta because that and the umbilical cord looked normal so we will never know what happened but we are soooo glad he is here and he is doing great! He is still in the NICU which has been extremely hard and time consuming, we are pretty much there all day. We are just soo blessed to have our little miracle and soo greatful our doctors were LDS because alot of their decisions were based of their feelings and we know they were the right decisions. We love our tiny little boy...we have become pretty popular at the hospital...everyone knows who we are and the intense labor story we had went around which was funny...but we love the hospital here and cant wait to take our little boy home!!!
p.s. I will start posting pics asap!!!


Heather said...

Awww. I teared up because I am so happy to hear that everything turned out okay! Congratulations to you and Mike!! I can't wait to see pictures and meet him eventually!

Viva la Varner said...

CRAZYYY!!! Oh man...I can only imagine the stress that you felt with all this. I'm glad he's alright, but sorry he has to be in the NICU...I cannot wait to see pictures. I hope he gets to go home soon. I'm proud that you delivered without the effects of the! I'm so happy you have a baby's AWESOME

J + A said...

Wow! Thats crazy. I am so glad to hear that you and little Cayden are okay.