Monday, September 17, 2012

Chipwrecked and Pump it up!

Back in the beginning of August, Julie and I decided to try out one more of the Summer movies with Cayden. This particular day was showing Chipwrecked. Cayden probably ended up liking this movie the most out of the three he saw! He loved all of the singing and probably just enjoyed watching the Chipmunks.
Clifford wanted to join us at the movies..yep that's Clifford being thrown

After the movies we had our traditional lunch and Blimpies and headed over to Pump it up! We had never been and were excited to check it out, Cayden loved it!

Mommy and Cayden racing..

He kept running over to this arcade game which he never actually played, just loved turning the wheel and pretending to drive..

Cayden loved being on this big blob thing that was not stable at all..

as you can see..

Julie and I got a very good workout and it was a fun day out of the heat!!


Janelle said...

You guys sure have a lot of fun together! So, if I come to visit, will you take me to Pump It Up? And my kids?? ;)