Thursday, July 11, 2013

The end of pregnancy

Well I am kicking myself for one, not being better about posting about this pregnancy and two, not taking belly pictures!! This pregnancy has been soo different than my first! I was so happy to make it past 37 weeks since I wasnt able to with Cayden. I was going in every two weeks to check on her growth and she was measuring right on and then towards the end of my pregnancy she started to measure a little behind which started to make me worried but my OB was not concerned. , then I started to go in weekly for stress tests ( I did not enjoy this) but luckily she was always moving just fine.
I could tell for sure that she was much bigger than Cayden ever was. I was constantly feeling her super low and super high, in my ribs all of the time. Towards the end I started to get more and more uncomfortable, swelling feet every now and then, bending over seemed impossible and just getting used to having a belly was even hard. I literally started to catch my stomach on fire one night cooking at the stove top! The one thing that was really hard for me was how hot I was! I don't know what happened during the last couple weeks but I would randomly get soo hot!! My food cravings were never very strong and faded as the pregnancy went on. It has been soo much fun watching her move all around all of the time! At 38 weeks I was already dilated and 50% effaced so he offered if I wanted to be induced after I turned 39 weeks. This freaked me out a little and my experience being induced with Cayden was not a lot of fun but after talking it over with Mike we thought why not, we were just soo anxious to finally see her!! I really wanted her to come on her own but I was having soo many symptoms of the "signs" that tell you they are coming so I thought for sure she would come before my induction date, June 20th, luckily I was right =)