Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Week 1

We are soo in love with our sweet little Ellie, here is the happenings of the first week!
The first couple nights she did NOT sleep which was exhausting for both Mike and I. She wants to eat EVERY two hours on the dot if not sooner. She pees all of the time, especially when I am in the middle of changing her diaper. Ellie loves to be held or just be close to us which at this time we don't mind one bit =) We love all of her "smiles" which is always guaranteed after she eats. After she has a little sneeze attack she makes the cutest little sigh that we cant get enough of.
Ellie did not like her first bath at home..

Cayden and Auntie Julie having some fun in the pool!

Love that Ellie has a big grin in this pic..

Love seeing her beautiful eyes open..

Cayden is a very happy big brother..

Grandma, Grandpa, Aunt Beky and Cayden and Ellie's cousin Starrla came for a visit..

Cuddle time with Daddy's little lady (that is what Mike calls her)

Love that smile..

Ellie and I went out with Julie and Cayden to the playground to get some fresh air which we both loved.


*Lauren* said...

Love her smile too!!! You have the smiliest babies. Is smiliest a word??? It should be. Aw, nothing like a little girl, I always say. Something about a baby girl in a little dress melts my heart. Happy for you guys!