Monday, October 21, 2013

Where a kid can be a kid!

Several months ago, Cayden started to grow fond of the Chuck e cheese commercials he would see on Disney Jr. and would always ask if he could go there someday. His Uncle Scott had been dying to go with him so we made a trip to one right before Julie had to start back at School.

Luckily our city's school district was already in so there was hardly anyone there =)

The pictures will say it all but Cayden had a BLAST, he loved everything and probably would have wanted to spend the whole day there..

Daddy and Uncle Scott had fun playing as well..

This is where Julie and I spent most of our time, we love this game


Candace Elder said...

You are the BEST BLOGGER Katie!!! I love to follow blogs, but get tired of checking on those which have not been updated for MONTHS! But YOU~ with a new baby plus an active son, you STILL manage to keep us reading and LOVING your messages! Thanks so much! Keep it UP!!!

ps~ and you have the CUTEST KIDS!