Wednesday, December 4, 2013

I'm officially...

A soccer mom!! Well was at least..
Back in August (will I ever catch up on blogging!?)  Cayden started soccer. Our city has a very inexpensive soccer program that is twice a week for a couple months, I was so anxious to sign our very active guy up! Cayden was really excited about it as well..
His first day!

We were not able to make it to the meet and greet where they announced that they would need shin guards so poor Cayden was the only one without them on his first practice..

Cayden loved the "stretching"

A lot of family came and supported him but unfortunately I didn't get pictures of everyone who came, but here are a few..

One of the practices they had some of the parents go out to play against them so Mike and Uncle Scott decided to go out..

After the last game they had a little award ceremony at Round Table where Cayden was awarded a mounds bar because he was mounds of fun =)

Cayden had such a fun time playing and looked forward to it every time it came around, he had pretty much no idea what he was doing, but learned a lot. And we all had fun watching!