Sunday, January 12, 2014

trunk or treat

Our Trunk or Treat was a little early this year. They did it on Friday October 18th, in a way, I was excited about it being early so there wasn't going to be soo much trick or treating/candy all in one week. Cayden has somehow come to love Spider man, more like be obsessed!! He has never seen a movie or show with him in it.  So of course he wanted to be him and when I saw the elephant costume, I couldn't resist =)

Of course for some reason Cayden out of nowhere, right before we left, started having horrible allergies, as you can see below. His eyes were probably the worst but he was luckily still a trooper, and luckily woke up the next morning just fine.

Ellie the elephant..

Grammy and papa were able to swing by just in time for some trunk or treating!

We had a great night!


K♥C said...

Ellie looks so cute!! glad you are catching up on your blogs =)
next time you are by your parents place, let make a play date at the park? :)