Sunday, August 3, 2014

New Years Eve

With all of the family parties we were all having to go to for Christmas, my mom decided to change things up this year. We celebrated Christmas on New Years Eve! I was perfectly happy dragging out Christmas a week longer =)

We did our traditional Christmas breakfast..

I took Cayden to the store that morning and they had a free little activity for kids to decerate a New Years hat, Cayden was excited to do one. Ellie was trying it out..

Excited to open presents!!

Cyaden had been asking for this stick up spidey for months, Every time we went to Target he had to go into the isle where he was and show me. You can only imagine how excited he was to find out he got it!

There is one way to open a present...

That night we went to the movies and saw Frozen which we all loved!!


K♥C said...

we LOVE frozen too!!!! how fun to have a whole week to celebrate Christmas :) :) I bet the kiddos loved it too
so excited you got a bow in Ellie's hair :)
lets plan our get together in Sept!!!