Thursday, November 6, 2014

The big D!

I am in love with going to Disneyland, I don't think I will ever get sick of it. So of course we don't have a pass I miss it a ton! I kept thinking about how fun it would be to surprise Cayden with passes since we were not having a party for him. I also realized it will probably be the last year we can ever have them. It was a few days before his birthday in April and as soon as the kids woke up we got them ready and left, Cayden kept asking where we were going and we told him it was a surprise but if he recognized where we were going to say it. Well being our son, he knew while we were on the 57 but we kept telling him no but that we were going to drive past it..the look of excitement on his face when he heard that was priceless. By the time we were pulling into the parking garage it was too hard to deny. He was SOO excited!! I think my excitement was just as high...

One of the things Mike and I could not wait for was the fact that Cayden was now tall enough to go on the bigger rides. Cayden was insisting on going on Tower of Terror...I was hesitant, like really hesitant but he was soo anxious and excited to go on how could I tell him no?? Well I should has scard him for good. He wont even go on Pirates....anything with a drop!!! I am have regretted letting him go on it ever since =(

Ellie..I mean Snow White was loving her first time at Disneyland!!

We of course wanted Jared and Amanda to share this special day with us so Amanda and I took Ellie on a couple rides while Daddy, Cayden, and Jared went on Tower..

Sadly the guy in front is blocking most of Caydens face but this picture says it all...

Cayden was soo excited to see Russell..

Cayden saw the Jelly fish and said he wanted to go on it...even after standing in line and watching it go he still wanted to..this one goes up and down but not nearly like Tower..well he was nervous the whole time but luckily stuck it out..we just havent gone on it since =)


Janelle said...

He's a cutie! Loved seeing the pic with Russell. How many kids are excited about that I wonder??