Saturday, February 7, 2015

Disney with Grammy!

On May 15th my mom took the day off to go to Disneyland with us! It was a VERY hot day but we still managed to have a great day!!

My mom and I were going to do a rider switch for radiator springs since none of us had gone on it yet. I let my mom go on it with him and as you can see from the picture..I did not. He did not like the ride! I still want to know where our little guy went that absolutely loved "scarey" rides!!

He then told me he wanted to go on Thunder Mountain which I of course knew he would not like but was going to let him try it out =)

I was just excited to finally be going on a "big kid" ride! And no surprise, he was terrified.

Ellie was not too sure what to think about Dumbo..

We were all soo tired by the end of the night but had such a great day =)