Friday, March 20, 2015

Ellie is one!!

Ellie's first year of life went by WAY too fast!!
We did it for Cayden so we thought we should keep the tradition going..their first doughnut on their first Birthday =)

Ellie loved it..

We had a Cinderellie birthday theme for her and I had SO much fun planning it.

I made all the plates clocks almost at the stroke of midnight..

The favors for the kids were bubble wands and Cinderella coloring pages..

Our birthday girl..

Ellie enjoyed all of the present opening..

Unfortunately all of the "cake" pictures are blurry so I picked a few that were not too bad..

She was just like her brother and not really into it. Not sure if it was the fact that there was a bunch of people staring at her or not =)
It was a great day shared with family and friends!!


K♥C said...

hard to believe cutie patootie is 1 already!! glad the princess enjoyed her bday :) :) love the little pony tail too :)