Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Family Parties!

We had my Dad's side of the family party the night of Christmas..

The kids had fun running through the house and in the backyard. Sadly there are no cousins their age that live near by so they have to make do =)

We had my Mom's side of the family party on 12/28. Again, the kids had a ton of fun running in circles in the garage!

Maddy and Ellie are only 4 months apart so we thought for sure those two would have a blast but like all of the other cousins, she loves to play with Cayden!

We had our traditional gag gift exchange with the dice, we always have so much fun playing and the kids can now enjoy it too!


K♥C said...

that's so sweet she looks up to her big brother like that! Hopefully it will always be like that ;)