Wednesday, February 10, 2016


We were able to go on our annual trip to Carpinteria on 8/8! Cayden had been talking about going to the train station there for, no joke, a year so we were all so excited for him to be able to go to it again and see the trains.Of course that had to be our first stop..

Mike and I were able to take a long walk over to Aladdin's least that is what we used to call it growing up, its only a walk you can do when the tide is low and you have to walk through some crazy quick sand stuff so we had lots of laughs and enjoyed some time alone =)

She cracks us up..

We left early one of the nights from the beach so the kids could go swim in the pool which they loved..

The train station was visited every day. Cayden is obsessed with trains!!

Cayden and Dad put a penny on the tracks and were able to find it after it went by..also this was not what it looks like, in no way did we let Cayden play on the tracks with the train that close

Us girls went into town and got some of the famous cupcakes and window shopped..

Cayden got up the courage to boogy board! I was so glad he wanted to try and he was smiling the few waves he caught and then he decided he didn't want to do it =(

Our group shot..

Ellie wanted to go on a walk with Daddy which was so cute to watch so I had to snap a picture..