Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Mia Jean

Mia Jean arrived into this world on September 1st! That morning I woke up really not feeling well, just really crampy. I was having a hard time getting the kids ready to get Cayden out to school etc. I called the doctor finally and told her about my constant pain but she told me it did not sound like I was in labor so at that point I just felt like I was over reacting. It was 2 weeks before my due date as well even though I have never made it to 40 weeks. As I was getting Caydens shoes on to leave to school I thought I felt my water brake but when I looked down all I saw was blood. Luckily it was a day Mike was working from home so I yelled for him and we rushed to the hospital with Ellie and Cayden. Cayden was trying not to freak out in the back seat so I was trying to reassure him everything was fine. We went into the ER and felt like we had to wait for forever for someone to take us to Labor and Delivery. When they did they saw how much blood was lost and more that I was losing. Long story short and several ultra sounds later it turned out my placenta somehow abrupted. They were concerned a C-section was going to be needed which I was really not happy about but wanted to do what was best for our baby. They kept a close eye on her and luckily she was handling labor really well.  They thought pitocin would not be safe so it was my first delivery without it but luckily I was only in labor for a couple would have been sooner but my OB wasn't their yet and had an accident on the way over..that was fun trying to keep a baby in for that long!
We were SOO anxious to find out what our baby was, we had been waiting so long but I had a strong feeling it was a girl so it was no surprise when the doctor announced it.

I cherish this moment SO much, I never got it with Cayden and Mike never took pics of me with Ellie right after she was born so knowing this was our last I wanted to make sure to capture the moment..

She weighed 6.3 lbs and was 19 inches long and born at 5:55pm =)

Cayden was a little upset it wasn't a boy but I could tell he was in love..

I dont think Ellie really knew what was going on but she seemed excited..everyone was so excited to hear and find out what we were was such a fun experience!!

We are so in love with our little Mia..


K♥C said...

I have been ever so patiently waiting for this post!!! I was so excited when I heard you had another baby!! Cayden is going to have his hands full w/ two baby sisters :) Im so happy for all of you!! Mia is just beautiful!
I cant believe how much Ellie looks like your mom! its like a little mini version :) I just love the pic of Mike holding Cayden and Ellie looking at their new baby .. Congrats Katie!!