Monday, May 9, 2016

Christmas lights!

We always love going to walk around Thoroughbred and this year Julie, Scott and Claire joined us as well as Tammy, Jason, and their kids! We all had a great time..

It was pajama day at school for Cayden and he really wanted to leave them on =)

I had to try and get a picture of these cuties in their Christmas outfits for ended really badly with Cayden letting go of Mia, of course not on purpose, while he was sitting in the chair because mommy said, "ok all done" which made Mia face plant into the carpet..but at least I got semi-good pics of them..

These little goof balls really wanted to make gingerbread houses so this year I bought one that had 3 mini houses so they could each decorate their own...I think they just like eating the candy..

We love Christmas!!


K♥C said...

the Christmas pics came out cute!!! they look adorable :) We love the lights at Thoroughbred too.. they really go all out!
Cayden is such a crack up!!!