Friday, August 12, 2016

Cayden's first train ride!

We have decided to hold off Birthday's (except for 1st) and take the kids somewhere they would like to go as a family! I LOVE this tradition, it is way more memorable and way less stressful =) Cayden has been dying to go on a train since he is literally OBSESSED with them, to Carpinteria, so that's what we did!! On the drive to Glendale Cayden told Mike and I he thought he was going to throw up, we realized he was just really nervous/excited!!

Once the fear left and the train started, Cayden was in Heaven!! He could have sat on the train all day if we would have let him!!

Grammy, Papa, and Uncle Brian decided to join in on the fun as well!

Once we got to the Beach we had a couple hours to go get some candy at Robetilles and of course let Cayden try out his new metal detector..he sadly didn't find any buried treasure =(

We had dinner at our favorite place, The Spot, which is right next to the train station..

Being silly while we waited for the train!

Cayden was still nervous about the train was such a FUN day and one he will probably never forget!!


K♥C said...

train rides are so much fun!!! Glad Cayden enjoyed, wish he would have found a little treasure but I know you will be back at the beach soon :) Love your Mom's shirt.. super cute.