Monday, November 7, 2016

San Diego zoo!

On 8/8 we decided to venture out to the San Diego Zoo since we normally go to the Wild Animal Park! We all had a great time!! Zoo's are always hit and miss with how many animals you will see and how up-close they will be but this time we were able to have some up-close fun encounters with the animals which made the trip so fun!!

We loved watching the lions take their naps..
we always have to ride on the skyfari! Since we all are not able to fit in one, Cayden was my little date..

The kids were at this window for quite some times seeing the giant turtles and crocodiles swim right by them..

We went to the gorillas right when it was feeding time which was so fun to watch! This big guy was cracking us up..

Seriously love this picture..

We saw a really fun trampoline/acrobatic show while we ate dinner..

Before we left we decided to let Cayden right the train that is right outside the zoo. He has been wanting to ride it for over a year now and so he was SO excited!
We were pretty exhausted by the end of the day but totally worth it!!