Friday, January 27, 2017

Mia's first Birthday party

Time for picture overload!! We were able to have Mia's Birthday party the day after she turned one. I really kept it as simple as I could let myself this time around and it made the experience much less stressful =) My mom's club house is free to use so we decided to have it there and the best part is there is a pool! So we made it a swim party since it had been so hot!! I let the kids come up with the theme and they picked Sophia the First since Mia likes to watch that..

We love Sam's birthday cake and even better they had a Sophia one and I didn't have to make one!!

Cayden was SO ready to get in that pool

Mia with her Great Grandparents! What a blessing to have two sets around..

Friends and cousins enjoying some pizza..

Ellie went the whole summer refusing to use her arm floats and finally decided to give them a try and was swimming around the pool all by herself!

Mia and her buddy Ollie..

Mia got some amazing gifts and I didn't want to post every one but she sure had fun seeing them all..

This picture makes me laugh, I noticed Ellie is laughing right along with us prob having no idea what we are laughing about =)

This one takes the cake..I am so glad I captured Mia doing this through all the chaos of the kids, there were a lot!

We already knew Mia had a big sweet tooth so we had no doubt she was going to devour her cake, and she surely didn't disappoint!

Mikes parents, sister and her kids were awesome enough to travel all the way from Utah just to be here for Mia's big day. So we got a picture of us with the grand kids. It was exhausting but such an amazing day.


K♥C said...
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K♥C said...

when did your parents move? the clubhouse looks like a great place for summer parties :) love Mia's expressions
Looks like all the kiddos had some fun :)