Friday, January 15, 2010

Pictures from the move and me at 24 weeks!

We have officially been living here for almost 2 weeks now! There are days where I feel we have been living here forever and days where time is flying by. For Mike time has been flying, he has been soo busy with homework! He loves all of his teachers and classes but hasnt been loving all of the work they give. He is working part time as well but he is smart and manages his time to get everything done plus he always has time for the wifey =) The weather has been totally tolerable...I thought I would be miserable but it really isn't that bad. There was one morning when Mike walked to school and it was -12 and the wind chill was -26!! That day was a cold day! Here are some pics from the move.. The first day of moving was the worst! I think it took us almost 9 hours to get to vegas. Us in Barstow....there it seemed the trip should have been over but really it had just barley started.

We arrived on Friday and could'nt move in until saturday but thought it would be fun to drive by to see it...we got out to peek in the windows and luckily our manager was there so he checked us in.....Mike and I were sooo anxious to finally see our new little home!

The one thing that I can't seem to get over is the beautiful views we have everywhere!! This pic was taken through out back window in our dining area. And this picture was taken upstairs from our bedroom window. It is still soo weird waking up and looking out the window and seeing snow everwhere!

Well my pregnancy has been great, there are days though where I can't find the energy to do anything but other than that I have been doing good. I am not gaining much so far I have gained 7 which is good but boy do I want food all the time. The weirdest craving for me is how after the first trimester or so I wanted spicey before, spicey food was NEVER something I could handle or want. Well now I am willing to try anything spicey and crave it!! It is really weird to me..
I think its funny how pointy my belly looks to me and seems to just keep growing outward!! I feel like my belly should be huge by now but then again I am just barley 6 months...hopefully there will be a big change in the next 4 week picture. I know I will regret saying it everytime but I really want a big belly!!


kristina and ryan said...

OKay, your belly looks as big as mine and I am about 3 weeks behind you. And, dont worry I am sure your belly will get huge. Mine did with Kaitlyn! :) it seems like everything is going good for you up there. I miss idaho. totally jealous of all the snow and your beautiful views!

Also, I cant believe I am having a girl. Haha. Boo to our drano tests!

Heather said...

I remember how that felt.... but believe me you will get a big belly. The baby packs on all their weight in the last 2 months! I look back at pics, and can't believe the change in the last trimester! I got HUGE!!!

Little Farmer Family said...

Cute pics!! I'm so glad you made it up here and everything's going smoothly for ya!! We'll have to do dinner sometime or have you guys over for games!! Do you guys live up at the village??? If you ever need anything give me a holler!! :)

Jason and Tammy said...

You look so cute! I love your baby bump and your view from your apt.!

Joneel said...

I'm so glad you are there, and can give us a snap shot of the city. Keep taking pictures of what you see. It's fun for me

Anonymous said...

love the little kangaroo pouch you look great ,, glad your doing well take care hugs shelly