Sunday, January 17, 2010

Snow day!!

One of the first days that we moved here Mike said he couldn't wait to go sledding and ever since then we have been wanting to but was having a hard time finding a sled since a lot of stores were out. Well we finally found one on Friday and went sledding yesterday! We had such a blast! we went about 20 mins or so to a place called Edin Lake and it has a bunch of sand dunes so you can only imagine the hills we were able to sled. =)The trip to get to the dunes was a long long walk down a long long path and then more walking through the thicker snow which was exhausting but worth it. It was soo pretty outside...really freezing because it was windy but beautiful!!

Ok so I will admit if I wasn't pregnant I would have been going down the big ones Mike was doing but of course I was being cautious and the slope may not seem so big but it was a lot steeper and bigger in person and was still exhilarating to go down.

This was one of the scary ones Mike went down...that's only half of the slope too....he got soo much snow in his face and all over but he loved it!

Here is just a silly video of me going down the little kiddie slope...
While we were out there we saw a true "Idahoan".....he somehow either bent or welded two cookie sheets together and that was his sled....we thought it was hilarious and could only imagine how it felt going down the bumpy slopes.

I have been eagerly wanting to get up close to a cow since we moved here because they are EVERYWHERE and they just seem like fun well I had my chance on our way home!! That brown one...well actually all of them turned there heads and just stared at me....I was trying to call them over by saying "come here moo moos" but I don't think they liked it and they actually were kinda freaking me out!!
I was too afraid to get any closer....Mike even asked that brown one for directions but there was just silence...... lol ok we are weird but can't you see the excitement on my face over being near a cow?? We were soo exhausted from all the hill climbing and snow walking but had a really great time! We just kept picturing us next year on our little neon orange sled with a little marshmallow with us...we can't wait!!


Jason and Tammy said...

That looks like a ton of fun!!

Joneel said...

totally fun. That is something you should do when the weather is pretty. I'm sure it WAS cold. And the cow thing. i can understand. We would go to Idaho every year, and I loved seeing cows too.