Thursday, June 24, 2010

2 months!

Cayden turned 2 month last Tuesday the 15th here were his stats:
Weight: 9.8oz...8%
Height: 22inches...18%
The doctor was extremely impressed with how much he has grown..I mean he doubled his size and gained 5 pounds in less than 2 months! The doctor even wanted me to try and make his feedings farther apart when I told him he was eating 3 1/2oz every two hours..he couldnt believe it! So now I am trying to go every three...I am still pumping which is such a hassle because it is double duty for me and takes up alot of my time but its worth it. Cayden is becoming more and more fun everyday...he has been making all sorts of fun noises which I love! He has found his hands and arms and sucks on them alot...he also tries to find anything he can to get in his mouth..burp cloth, blankets, even our couch! He is always wanting to move so he loves being on his back and doesnt like to be held and cuddled a whole lot which does make me kinda sad sometimes...and does soo good lifting his head and upper body and stomach. Mike and I make him smile too which I love and I cant wait till he starts laughing!! He has just grown and changed soo much its scarey!! So this picture I took the day he was two months..that was the outfit we took him home from the NICU less than two months before...scarey to think he could fit into that..and it was even a little big on him!!


Jason and Tammy said...

He has grown soo much I cant believe it!! He is such a cutie!!

K♥C said...

He's such a big boy now! I was so happy to meet him last week =) thanks for letting me hold him so much. Its hard to believe he's already 2 months old!! I love his little smile :)

Viva la Varner said...

WOW He has grown soooo much!!! good job Mama. I want to see him in person!

Joneel said...

loved the comparison shot.