Friday, June 25, 2010

California...oh how we miss you!!

Well I would definately say our trip back to California was anything but a vacation...but it was really nice being able to see and be around family. It was a very short trip filled with way too many plans. Thursday we swam at Mike's parents house and Mike had an interview for an intern which he got!! So we will be moving back to california at the end of August until the end of December and we couldnt be more excited. We also ate at one of my favorite restaraunts..Don Jose's! Friday we were able to have a photo shoot done and we cant wait to see them....we also went to Disneyland with our very good friends Jared and Amanda where we got to eat at Clubb 33 and go on some rides! Saturday was my sister's wedding...she looked beautiful and the sealing was really good. Sunday was such a great day...not only was it father's day but we also did Cayden's blessing....Mike did such a good job.... Cayden was great on the plane and he even got wings for his first flight!!

Cayden's first time in the pool

Cousin Marley giving Cayden a kiss

Cayden and papa c waiting for grammie b to come home from work so we can go eat Don Joses!

Every morning after cayden's early morning feeding I always put him in bed with us and I love to watch them cuddle =)

We loved the toilets

The food was very yummy!

four generations..


Jason and Tammy said...

I love all the photos!! Cayden just seems like such a relaxed baby! I Love it! Julie looks So Beautiful, and thats awesome that Mike got the internship, good job!! Love you!!

K♥C said...

LOVE the pics!! Im so excited that Mike got the internship!! yeah you will be back soon, we miss you!!
Cayden is to stinkin cute!
Julie looks so pretty!
glad you had a good trip (even though it was so short you sure got a lot of stuff done) =)